Orange World, as we know orange always making us fell that is FRESH.And this is how we apply to the world in interior design with all the fresh ideas and concepts. Providing fresh ideas and great services are our priority. We offer consultancy services and provide our clients with customized design solutions. For Specialized consultancy, stage are followed to ensure every preference is conceptualized in a comprehensive manner. A home’s identity lies in its accessories. We also offer advice to homeowners in dressing up their homes-the walls, floors and corners with soft furnishing and ornaments in order to make the house become into a home and the office become a exclusive space which make you feel classy and cozy.

Orange World is is established on 16 november 2010, and based on Nagoya gateway complex #B-01 , lubuk baja, batam – Indonesia. The founder of this unique and fresh corporate Is Mr. Suheidi.



Orange World  Interior Design’s vision is to contribute every day to the creation of something fresh and beautiful in the world.


Orange World Interior Design’s mission is to be a leading source for client-centered interior design solutions in the region, matching purpose of space with the personality and lifestyle of each client.

We also provides extraordinary service, excellent design and meticulous attention to detail, and serves as a trusted clearing house for exceptional professionals who offer healthy and beautiful living solutions for residential and commercial spaces.